View the Durango Train live using the Durango Train& City Cam!

General Durango Train Activity “at a glance”

*Times will vary, please read below for scheduling

5:15 to 5:45 – Track cars arrive….

8:30 AM – Track car 9002

Viewing the Durango Train & City Cam

Day to day activity for the Durango Train varies from day to day depending on events, weather and mechanical issues. Here is a run down on when you should hop online to view what is going on at the Durango Track Yard. Don’t forget to use our cam to take photos! A second browser will open and you can email, Facebook and Twitter your photos to friends and family all through the world.

Viewing the morning and evening Durango Train track cars:

The track cars that comes into the Durango Train Yard usually arrives 15-20 minutes ahead of the first train arrival at 5:45pm, so the track car will come in anytime between 5:15pm and 5:35pm, or somewhere in that vacinity.

As for the track car in the morning, that one will leave before the first departure, 8:30am – usually track car 9002. It may leave somewhere in the same window as the one arriving in the evening, 15-20 minutes before departure.

Viewing the Durango Train in the morning is best..

The morning would be more interesting to watch in terms of viewing the locomotives. They will bring the engines out a half an hour before departure to hook them up to their train for the day. With this said, viewers can zoom in on the trains sitting on the track leading back to the turntable and then watch them come forward, back up on the balloon loop track, blow their cylinder cocks, watch them come forward across the 6th Street crossing, switch tracks and then hook up to their consist for the day. All of this takes place about 30 minutes before departure so 8am for the 8:30 departure and around 8:45am for the 9:15 departure.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding times of operation, don’t hesitate to call 970 259-0274.

Switching throughout the day will coinside with whatever special events the Durango Train will have coming up. The Durango Train uses the smaller diesel engines for this. Most people do not think this is as exciting as watching the “black ladies” move around the yard, but many find it appealing.

Enjoy the Durango Train & City Web Cam! Take photos, Facebook and Twitter them to your friends.